Use Quick Text in Your Knowledge Articles

Save your agents from copying and pasting information that is repeatedly added to Knowledge articles. Let them use quick text to insert predefined text into articles. Agents can create quick text for answers to common questions, support contact information, like a phone number or website, and much more.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Knowledge in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Service Cloud. Salesforce Knowledge is available in Professional, Enterprise, and Performance editions as an add-on.

Who: To insert quick text, agents need Read permission on the quick text object. Optionally, you can also give users Create, Edit, and Delete access so that they can create and manage their own quick text.

In orgs created after Spring ’18, all user profiles include Read access by default. However, users with a Salesforce Platform user license can’t work with quick text. If you gave your users permission to create, read, update, and delete quick text in Salesforce Classic, that permission is honored in Lightning Experience.

How: Quick text in Lightning Experience is enabled by default in all orgs. If you enabled and created quick text in Salesforce Classic, your messages work in Lightning Experience.

When you create or edit a quick text, set the Channel field to Knowledge. Then look for the new quick text button when editing or creating your Knowledge article.A new knowledge article with a quick text icon in the tool bar.



You can also use a keyboard shortcut to insert quick text. Press Command+. on macOS or Ctrl+. on Windows.

Keep the following things in mind.
  • To use quick text with Lightning Knowledge, set the Channel field on the quick text record to Knowledge.
  • Merge fields in quick text aren’t supported for Lightning Knowledge.
  • Quick text is supported only in rich-text fields for Lightning Knowledge.