Version Numbers Are Omitted from Flow File Names in the API

When you retrieve or deploy the latest version of a flow, Salesforce no longer adds a number to the end of each flow name. Before you deploy flow metadata using API version 44.0, upgrade your flow files with Metadata API or Salesforce CLI or both to remove the version numbers.
Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.


This change applies only to retrieving or deploying flows via Metadata API or the Salesforce CLI. It doesn’t apply to opening or saving flows in the Cloud Flow Designer.

Why: Previously, a version number was appended to the flow name. This practice interfered with continuous integration and continuous deployment practices. For example, because each flow version had a different file name, orgs couldn’t track the flow’s changes in a version control system, which in turn could cause deployment problems.

How: Flow names no longer include the version number when deploying or retrieving via Metadata API or the Salesforce CLI. When you deploy or retrieve a flow, we get only the latest version.

The latest version name of a flow in API version 43.0 and earlier The latest version name of a flow in API version 44.0
myflow-3 (where 3 is the latest version number) myflow (where the latest version number is no longer appended)
  • If you deploy and retrieve using API version 44.0 without upgrading your flow files, the flow files that you retrieve no longer have version numbers appended. If you deploy with flow definitions, the active version numbers in the flow definitions override the status fields in the flows. For example, the active version number in the flow definition is version 3, and the latest version of the flow is version 4 with the status field as Active. After you deploy your flow, the active version is version 3.
  • If you don’t deploy and retrieve using API version 44.0, you can continue to use API version 43.0 and earlier, and flow file names continue to append version numbers.

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