Remember Previously Entered Values in Flow Screen Components

By default, screen components have no memory. If a user enters a value, navigates to another screen, and returns to the component’s screen, the user-entered value is lost. Now flows remember the value for each attribute that you configure in both Inputs and Outputs tabs of the screen component.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Screen components are supported only in Lightning flow runtime.

How: To retain the value of an attribute while a user moves between screens, add the attribute to both the Inputs and Outputs tabs in the screen component.


Suppose that you use the Email screen component in an email address confirmation screen. In the Email component, the Value attribute represents the email address. Configure the Inputs tab to set the Value attribute to the value of the {!existingEmail} variable, which is set earlier in the flow to the user’s email address. Configure the Outputs tab to map the Value attribute to the {!confirmedEmail} variable.

In the Inputs tab, the email screen component's label is set to "Confirm your email" and value is set to the existingEmail variable. In the Outputs tab, the Value attribute is mapped to the confirmedEmail variable.

When Madison Rigsby runs the flow and sees the email confirmation screen, the Value attribute is already set to per the Inputs tab setting.

Madison changes that value to and clicks Next. When Madison clicks Previous to return to the email confirmation screen, she sees the email address value as