Improve Your Einstein Discovery Models by Investigating Their Metrics and Performance

Model metrics help you understand your models' statistical basis and performance so that you can know where and how to enhance it for even better results.

Where: This change applies to Einstein Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery in Analytics are available for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions. Also available in Developer Edition.

Who: To review model metrics, you need the Manage Einstein Discovery user permission.

How: To learn more about how your model performs:
  1. In Analytics Studio, open a story.
  2. On the Story toolbar, click Model Metrics.
  3. Click the tab for the metrics you want to view: Coefficients, Cross-Validation Metrics, Scoring Metrics, and Cumulative Capture Rate Chart.
    model metrics with the Cumulative Capture Rate Chart tab selected
    The Scoring Metrics and Cumulative Capture Rate Chart tabs appear only when the selected outcome variable is text with two values. For example, an org_type field qualifies if it has only two values: “public” and “private”. The Scoring Metrics and Cumulative Capture Rate Chart tabs do not appear for numeric outcome variables.