Manage the Complete Lifecycle of Analytics Apps with the CLI Analytics Plug-in

The command-line interface (CLI) plug-in lets you easily create environments to develop, test, and share Analytics apps and convert them to templates for distribution.

Where: This feature is available in Einstein Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Einstein Analytics is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. Dev Hub is available in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions.

Who: To use the Salesforce CLI Analytics Plug-in, you must have an Analytics Platform license.

Why: With the CLI Analytics Plug-in, the Einstein Analytics app development process just got a lot more manageable. Salesforce CLI lets you easily create scratch orgs for controlling the application life cycle—development, testing, sharing, and synchronizing source code, and so on. You do everything you want using the command-line interface and see the results in a scratch org.

Use the scratch org to develop an app in Analytics Studio by importing data to datasets, building dashboards, and connecting everything. Then use Analytics CLI plugin commands to convert the app to a template and download the template JSON files for further refinement, including adding a configuration wizard. You can also share the results of your work with other developers using a version control system. They can push the template JSON files to their own scratch orgs for further testing and development work.

How: Enable Dev Hub in your org, then download Salesforce CLI and install the Analytics plug-in.
sfdx plugins:install @salesforce/analytics

For information about setting up Dev Hub and Salesforce CLI, see the Salesforce DX Setup Guide.

For details about Salesforce CLI commands, see the Salesforce CLI Command Reference.