Changed Objects

These objects have changed.

Changed Objects

Surveys can now be associated with ServiceAppointment and custom objects.
You can now search this object.
This field is new.
  • LogoUrl
We added External as a picklist value to theclickjackProtectionLevel field.
These fields are new.
  • AlternatePublicKey
  • AlternateSelector
  • AlternateTxtRecordName
  • TxtRecordName
  • TxtRecordsPublishState
These fields are new.
  • FirstOpenedDate
  • IsBounced
  • IsOpened
  • IsTracked
  • LastOpenedDate
These fields are new.
  • IsRequireAuth
  • Password
  • Username
These fields are new and read-only. They represent Lightning Experience event series (beta).
  • IsRecurrence2—Indicates whether a Lightning Experience event is scheduled to repeat (true) or only occurs once (false.
  • IsRecurrence2Exception—Indicates whether an individual event in a Lightning Experience event series has a recurrence pattern that’s different from the rest of the series, making it an exception.
  • IsRecurrence2Exclusion—Indicates when updates to a Lightning Experience event series recurrence pattern have been made but affect only future event occurrences.
  • Recurrence2PatternStartDate—Indicates the date and time when the Lightning Experience event series begins.
  • Recurrence2PatternText—Indicates the recurrence pattern for Lightning Experience event series.
  • Recurrence2PatternTimeZone—Indicates the time zone in which the Lightning Experience event series was created or updated.
  • Recurrence2PatternVersion—Indicates by version the standard specifications for Lightning Experience event series recurrence patterns.
In the Lightning Error event type, unrelated error events in the UI_EVENT_SOURCE field are now filtered out of the event logs.
In the Wave Change event type, the following fields are new.
  • ANALYTICS_MODE—Indicates where the dashboard is displayed.
  • IS_MOBILE—Specifies whether the dashboard is displayed in the mobile app.
  • PAGE_CONTEXT—Indicates the context of the page in which the dashboard is displayed.
These values are new to the Type field.
  • Quick Text
  • Macro
You can now update this object.
This field is new.
  • AccessLevel
The SharedForecastManagerRoleId field can now represent a territory whose forecasts you want to share.
This value is new to the DeveloperName field.
  • TerrOppAmt_Primary_Model
This field is new.
  • IsTracked
This object’s fields do not support group, filter, or sort properties.
These fields are new.
  • FolderId—Returns the ID of the folder that contains the macro.
  • FolderName—Name of the folder that contains the macro.
These fields are new.
  • OptionsThreadedDiscussionsEnabled—Returns whether threaded discussions are enabled for a community.
  • VerificationEmailTemplateId—Returns the ID of the email template used when users must verify their identity, for example, when they log in without a password or from a new device.
We added the Configurable picklist value to the OverrideSetting field. Configurable represents Login Discovery and Configurable Self-Reg page types.
These fields are new.
  • ApexHandlerId—The ID of the Apex handler created by configurable self-registration page.
  • ExecuteApexHandlerAsId—The ID of the user who is executing the configurable self-registration handler.
  • OptionsShowFirstName—If true, the First Name field appears on the self-registration form.
  • OptionsShowLastName—If true, the Last Name field appears on the self-registration form.
  • OptionsShowUsername—If true, the Username field appears on the self-registration form.
  • OptionsShowNickname—If true, the Nickname field appears on the self-registration form.
  • OptionsShowMobilePhone—If true, the Mobile Phone field appears on the self-registration form.
  • OptionsShowEmail—If true, the Email field appears on the self-registration form.
  • OptionsIncludePassword—If true, the Include Password field appears on the self-registration form.
  • VerificationMethod—Returns the verification method required for this self-registration, which can be SyncEmail or SMS.
Nillable was added as a supported property to the EndDateand StartDate fields.
This field is new.
  • IsIgnoreValidation—When enabled, ignores some restrictions on the budget’s child objects.
ActionDefinition was added as a supported value to the ActionListContext field. This value is reserved for future use.
Quick Text
These fields are new.
  • FolderId—Returns the ID of the folder that contains the quick text.
  • FolderName—Name of the folder that contains the quick text.
These fields are new.
  • ActionDefinition—The developer name of the action to associate with the record. This field allows a RecordAction to support other types of guided actions in addition to flows. The FlowDefinition field is maintained in this release, but it will be deprecated in a future release.
  • IsMandatory—Specifies whether the action associated with the record is mandatory.
This field was updated.
  • Status—This field includes a new value, Started, which indicates that the action was launched.
These fields are new.
  • IsSigned—Indicates whether the service report contains one or more signatures
  • ServiceReportLanguage—The language that the service report uses. A service report’s language is determined by the Service Report Language field on the associated work order or, if no language is specified, the default language in Salesforce of the user generating the report.
The new ResponseStatus picklist field describes whether a participant has responded to the survey that’s associated with the invitation. Possible values include NotStarted, Started, Paused, and Completed.
We added three picklist values to the QuestionType field.
  • CSAT
  • Picklist
  • Slider
The new InterviewId field provides the ID of the FlowInterview object that’s associated with the participant’s response to the survey.
This field is new.
  • ForecastUserId
You can now update the Status field.
108 (Density) was added as a supported value to the Preference field.
We added the following picklist values to the Status field.
  • FailedInvalidPassword
  • FailedPasswordLockout
We added the Bridge picklist value to the CallType field.
This field is new.
  • IsRecorded
This field is new.
  • DeskPhoneNumber
Work Order
The new ServiceReportLanguage picklist field determines which language is used for all service reports and service report previews created for the work order, its service appointments, and its work order line items and their service appointments.

BestCommentId Field Added to Feed Objects

The BestCommentId field was added to all xFeed objects.

  • AccountFeed
  • AccountRelationshipFeed
  • ActiveScratchOrgFeed
  • ArticleType__Feed
  • AssetFeed
  • AssetRelationshipFeed
  • AssignedResourceFeed
  • CampaignFeed
  • CareDiagnosisFeed
  • CarePreAuthFeed
  • CarePreAuthItemFeed
  • CareRequestDrugFeed
  • CareRequestFeed
  • CareRequestItemFeed
  • CaseFeed
  • CertificationDefFeed
  • ChannelProgramFeed
  • ChannelProgramLevelFeed
  • CollaborationGroupFeed
  • ConsumptionScheduleFeed
  • ContactFeed
  • ContentDocumentFeed
  • ContractFeed
  • CoverageBenefitFeed
  • CoverageBenefitItemFeed
  • DashboardComponentFeed
  • DashboardFeed
  • DirectMessageFeed
  • EngagementProgramFeed
  • EntitlementFeed
  • EntityMilestoneFeed
  • EventFeed
  • GoalFeed
  • LandingPageFeed
  • LeadFeed
  • LinkedArticleFeed
  • LocationFeed
  • MaintenanceAssetFeed
  • MaintenancePlanFeed
  • MarketingFormFeed
  • MarketingLinkFeed
  • MemberPlanFeed
  • MetricFeed
  • NamespaceRegistryFeed
  • NewsFeed
  • OperatingHoursFeed
  • OpportunityFeed
  • OrderDeliveryGroupFeed
  • OrderDeliveryGroupLineFeed
  • OrderFeed
  • OrderItemFeed
  • OrderPriceAdjustmentLineFeed
  • OrgSnapshotFeed
  • PartnerFundAllocationFeed
  • PartnerFundClaimFeed
  • PartnerFundRequestFeed
  • PartnerMarketingBudgetFeed
  • PlanBenefitFeed
  • PlanBenefitItemFeed
  • Product2Feed
  • ProductConsumedFeed
  • ProductItemFeed
  • ProductItemTransactionFeed
  • ProductRequestFeed
  • ProductRequestLineItemFeed
  • ProductRequiredFeed
  • ProductTransferFeed
  • ProfileSkillEndorsementFeed
  • ProfileSkillFeed
  • ProfileSkillUserFeed
  • PurchaserPlanAssnFeed
  • PurchaserPlanFeed
  • QuoteFeed
  • ReportFeed
  • ResourceAbsenceFeed
  • ResourcePreferenceFeed
  • ReturnOrderFeed
  • ReturnOrderLineItemFeed
  • ScratchOrgInfoFeed
  • ServiceAppointmentFeed
  • ServiceContractFeed
  • ServiceCrewFeed
  • ServiceCrewMemberFeed
  • ServiceResourceCapacityFeed
  • ServiceResourceFeed
  • ServiceResourceSkillFeed
  • ServiceTerritoryFeed
  • ServiceTerritoryLocationFeed
  • ServiceTerritoryMemberFeed
  • ServiceTerritoryWorkTypeFeed
  • ShipmentFeed
  • SignupRequestFeed
  • SiteFeed
  • SkillRequirementFeed
  • SocialPostFeed
  • SolutionFeed
  • SOSSessionFeed
  • SurveyFeed
  • TaskFeed
  • Territory2ModelFeed
  • TimeSheetEntryFeed
  • TimeSheetFeed
  • TopicFeed
  • UserFeed
  • UserProfileFeed
  • WorkBadgeDefinitionFeed
  • WorkCoachingFeed
  • WorkFeedbackRequestFeed
  • WorkGoalFeed
  • WorkOrderFeed
  • WorkOrderLineItemFeed
  • WorkPerformanceCycleFeed
  • WorkRewardFundFeed
  • WorkRewardFundTypeFeed
  • WorkTypeFeed
  • WorkUpgradeActionFeed
  • WorkUpgradeCustomerFeed