Get Your Pages Ready for Lightning Experience

Want to know if the Visualforce pages in your org are ready for Lightning Experience? Use the Lightning Experience Visualforce check to generate a report that flags pages that need changes before they’re ready for prime time in Lightning Experience. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

User Permissions Needed
To run the Lightning Experience Visualforce Report Customize Application AND Modify All Data
To get the email with your Visualforce Report In Salesforce Setup, Email Deliverability set to the access level All email

Run the Lightning Experience Visualforce Report directly from your Lightning Readiness Report PDF. The Visualforce Report looks at all pages in your org used in the past 90 days, and identifies features that aren’t available in Lightning Experience.

Run the Visualforce Report directly from your Lightning Experience Readiness Report.

Although many Visualforce pages work in Lightning Experience as you’ve designed them, some Salesforce Classic features and attributes aren’t supported. Review the recommendations in the Visualforce Report to understand what tweaks you can make to get the page ready for users.