Resize Columns, Wrap Text, and Easily Sort on the Search Results Page

Users can adjust column widths and wrap long lines of text in search results, making it easier for users to scan results without scrolling back and forth. Also, an improved sorting menu gets search results in order. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Resize and Wrap

To adjust a column’s width, click and drag the border in the column header.

Arrow in column header with drop-down menu showing Wrap Text and Clip Text options

To change the text wrapping preferences for a column, click the down arrow in the column header.

Highlighted column border, used to change width of columns

Column width and text wrapping preferences are remembered, so results for future searches look as good as today’s. A few exceptions: Search results for Tasks, Events, and Dashboards go back to their defaults in future searches.

By default, text wrapping is on. When a user turns off text wrapping, an ellipsis indicates when text is too long to fit within the column. The length of the column header label determines the minimum width of the column.

Columns resized, left column showing text with ellipes

Column resizing and text wrapping aren’t available for search results from external sources.

Sort Results

To sort search results, click a column header or use the redesigned sort menu.

Sort drop-down menu above search results

To change the direction of the sort, click the arrow in the column header.

Arrow in column header, used to change the sort direction

For Knowledge article search results, choose a field to sort by in the sort menu, then change the sort direction using the Ascending or Descending link.

Results that are sorted by relevance always show the most relevant results at the top.

Knowledge article search results, with sorting drop-down menu and Ascending/Descending link