Use Clone or Save As to Make List Views Your Own

Found a list view that you like, but don’t have permission to edit it and save your changes? It’s easy to create a list view by using Save As or Clone and then make a few tweaks. If you created list views in this way using Salesforce Classic, you can now do it in Lightning Experience. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Want to make an exact copy of that list view? Clone is your option. First, select your favorite list view. Open the List View Controls, and click Clone.

List View Controls - Clone

You can save the list view with a new name and choose whether to share it.

Clone List View - Save

Edit the filters and display options to show things your way, if needed.

Filters panel - Add Filter

Click Save.

Save filters

Did you start editing filters for an existing list view without cloning it? No worries. Just click Save As in the filter panel, and give the list a new name.

List View - Save As