Sync Events Between Google Calendar and Salesforce

Save reps time and unnecessary data entry by setting up events to sync between Google Calendar and Salesforce. That way, reps can create and edit meetings from either application. And admins like you can promote Salesforce adoption by making it easy for reps to get important meetings into Salesforce. This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce for Android, Salesforce for iOS, and Salesforce mobile web.
Your reps have to meet these conditions to sync events in both directions.
  • Create or edit events outside of Salesforce using Google Calendar on your company’s G Suite account.
  • Create or edit Salesforce events using Lightning Experience, Salesforce for Android, Salesforce for iOS, or Salesforce mobile web. Events created or edited from Salesforce Classic don’t sync with Google Calendar.

If that description hits home, you can start syncing your reps’ events in both directions. First, work with your Google API administrator to prepare your G Suite account to sync events. Next, from reps’ Lightning Sync configurations, select Sync Both Ways for events.

Selecting Sync Both Ways limits some Calendar functionality in Salesforce Classic. To learn more, see “Lightning Sync Considerations” in Salesforce Help.