Sales Console: Welcome Forecasting to the Console

You’ve been patiently waiting for Collaborative Forecasts to come to the Lightning Sales Console. The wait is over! Plus, we’ve made other great improvements to Lightning console apps, including the ability to add favorites, navigation rules to make your users’ workflow more efficient, and additional keyboard shortcuts.
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with Sales Cloud



Lightning console apps don’t yet have full parity with Salesforce Classic console apps. For example, some features in Salesforce Classic console apps, such as push notifications and multi-monitor support, aren’t available in Lightning console apps. Learn more.

You also can’t migrate Salesforce Classic console apps to Lightning Experience.

Lightning Sales Console with forecasting
Use Favorites in Console Apps
Let users have their most-visited pages and important records, lists, groups, dashboards at their fingertips. Favorites are similar to bookmarks in a web browser, providing quick access to frequently used items.
Automatically Open Related Records in Console Apps with Navigation Rules
Use navigation rules to make your console users’ workflows more efficient. For example, you can configure navigation rules so that when a user clicks a contact, it opens as a subtab of that contact’s related account.
Navigate More Quickly with Keyboard Shortcuts
New keyboard shortcuts allow your users to be more efficient in both console and standard navigation Lightning apps.
Work with Macros in Lightning Experience
Sales reps can use macros to automate common repetitive tasks. To let your sales reps work with macros, add the Macro utility to the Sales Console app.