Add Tables with Up to 10 Columns to Dashboards (Beta)

The Lightning table, a new dashboard table component, shows up to 200 records and 10 columns from the fields available in a source report’s report type. (So the fields need not be added to the source report as columns!) Add a Lightning table to supplement chart and metric-based overviews with record-by-record details. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.
Scrolling through a Lightning table

Because there are now two types of table components, we are renaming the table component “legacy table”.

Lightning tables are available in the dashboard builder by default. To turn off Lightning tables, go to the Reports and Dashboards Settings page in Setup and deselect Enable Lightning Dashboard Tables (Beta).

Lightning tables aren’t available in Salesforce Classic. You can’t add them from the Classic dashboard builder, nor can you see them when you view a dashboard in Salesforce Classic.

These features aren’t available in the beta version of Lightning tables, but we’re working hard to implement them in a future release.
  • Chatter photos
  • Conditional highlighting
  • Dashboard filters aren’t applied to Lightning tables.