Create Click-to-Dial Phone Numbers with the lightning:clickToDial Component

Developers and partners can use the Lightning component lightning:clickToDial in Lightning pages and apps to make calls through Open CTI, Salesforce Voice, and other CTI providers. When phone numbers appear on the page, agents can simply click to dial the number. This component is similar to the support:clickToDial component used in Visualforce pages. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
Keep these things in mind when working with the component.
  • The lightning:clickToDial component respects existing click-to-dial commands for Open CTI, such as enableClickToDial, disableClickToDial, and onClickToDial.
  • You can add this component to any Lightning page in any Lightning Experience app.
  • The component doesn’t support iFrames, so you can’t use it in utilities, such as a phone utility, or Lightning Out apps that are hosted on iFrames.

Here’s the lightning:clickToDial component in action.Screenshot of a phone number that's click-to-dial enabled.