Route Work to Agents in Lightning Experience (Generally Available)

Support agents can use the Omni-Channel utility in the Lightning Service Console to change their presence status and accept and decline work requests. Live Agent chats and active time tracking are now available in Lightning Experience.

To use Omni-Channel in Lightning Experience, you must have Omni-Channel enabled in your org. Then add the Omni-Channel utility to a Lightning Service Console app using the App Manager. The Omni-Channel utility with decline reasons open for a case request.

Visual Omni-Channel notifications are different in Lightning Experience. The minimized utility changes color to let the agent know there’s a new request. The number of requests isn’t displayed in the minimized utility.
Omni-Channel utility with and without requests Omni-Channel minimized utility with no notifications. Omni-Channel minimized utility with notifications.
Keep the following considerations in mind when using Omni-Channel in Lightning Experience.
  • Omni-Channel settings, including enabling Omni-Channel, are available only in Salesforce Classic.
  • SOS isn’t supported in Lightning Experience, so SOS calls can’t be routed with Omni-Channel in the Lightning Service Console. Use Salesforce Classic.
  • External Routing (Beta) isn’t supported in Lightning Experience.