See Your Customers’ Community Activity with Community 360 (Generally Available)

Community 360—the Lightning App Builder component that you can add to your console to see a customer’s community activity—has a few surprises in store for you this release. First and foremost, the feature is taking off its pilot mantle and coming out as generally available. Then, it’s adding a whole slew of capabilities that help support agents get a holistic view of the customer. All in the name of great customer service. This feature is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

Using Community 360, support reps can see customers’ aggregate activity in all the communities they’re a member of. Reps can see up to 15 months of a customer’s activity in chronological order, from newest to oldest.

If a customer is a member of more than one community in the org the support rep can choose the member’s community profile from a pop-up.

Support reps access the activity on articles and cases. The activity includes viewing articles and cases, and posts or comments made in the community. For example, a field service agent who is a part of a community calls customer service, complaining about a lack of internet service on the company phone. The customer support rep notices that the field service agent has already looked at three articles about internet service, logged a case, and accessed the case to make sure the information is there correctly.

The support rep makes sure not to suggest any of those options as things to do, and tries different methods to solve the case. Less frustration + less time spent on already tried solutions = one happy customer. Thanks, Community 360.



Activity information is available for members accessing communities with one of the following licenses:

  • Partner Community
  • Partner Community Login
  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze Partners
  • Customer Community
  • High Volume Customer Portal
  • Customer Portal User
  • Customer Community Plus
  • Customer Community Plus Login