Collaborate on Analytics Dashboards with Annotations

Foster an environment of open communication sparked by Analytics dashboards embedded in your community. With the annotation feature, partners and customers can converse in Chatter feeds on individual dashboard widgets.
Analytics is available for an extra cost in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions
Analytics is also available in: Developer Edition



This feature is supported in communities, but not in portals, for users with a Customer Community Plus or Partner Community license. If you don’t already have Analytics for Communities, this feature requires setup. For more information, see Share Analytics with Communities.

Community users can annotate dashboard widgets with comments posted in the dashboard and in Chatter. The annotations hold users’ conversations about their data and how it’s visualized, with the dashboard right there for reference.

Community dashboard opened in Analytics and showing annotations panel

If users click the Follow button, they see all comments on the dashboard. From Chatter, they can click the dashboard image to navigate directly to the annotation on the dashboard in Analytics, where they can add to the conversation.