Usability Enhancements to Financial Services Cloud

Take a look at these additional enhancements.
  • Support for recurring tasks and events—Users can create recurring tasks and events related to an individual or group and view them in the activity timeline. And you can define rollups for an individual so that recurring tasks and events roll up to the Group/Household profile.
  • Account membership and household relationship deletion—To reflect changes in family or group relationships, quickly delete household memberships and relationships from Salesforce.
  • Financial Services Cloud Components in Lightning App Builder
    • Contextualized display—When customizing a home page, client page, or financial account page in Lightning App Builder, you’ll see only the components that are relevant for that page.
    • Hover views—From the hover details, users can quickly view information about a record before clicking to view or edit it. You can manage hover details in the mini page layout for each object.
    • Renamed components—To more easily differentiate Financial Services Cloud Lightning components in Lightning App Builder and Community Builder, each Financial Services Cloud Lightning component has a “Financial Services Cloud” suffix.