View Related List Data Quickly with Related List Quick Links

Are your users tired of clicking View All to see all the columns in a related list? With the Related List Quick Links component, they can view multiple related lists in quick succession just by hovering over a link. And, they can complete actions right from within the hover pane.

The Related List Quick Links component is available for record pages only.

The component displays two rows of related list links in large or medium page regions, and six rows in small regions. Users can view the remaining related list links by clicking Show All, which expands the component. When a user hovers over a related list quick link, the first 10 items in the related list display.

Related List Quick Links

Header actions, mass actions, row actions, and text wrapping are all available on the hover pane. Resizable columns are sticky when you drill into a related list as of Winter ’18, but they're not sticky on the hover pane.

The content of this component is based on the set of related lists on the object's page layout plus the user’s preferences. Users can customize the order of the quick links and exclude the ones they don't want from their personal settings by entering Customize My Pages in the Quick Find box, selecting Customize My Pages, then clicking the object.