Take a Guilt-Free Vacation with Out of Office (Generally Available)

Taking a vacation or other leave? Want everyone to know when they should leave you alone? The newly enhanced Out of Office feature is for you. You can set the dates you're away and add a custom message. Your message and dates display prominently next to your name in Chatter, not just on your profile but almost anywhere that your name appears. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

By default, the Out of Office message is “Out of Office” along with the start and end dates that you select. You can change it to something more fun, such as “At the Beach” or “Playing with Dolphins.”

Out of Office Custom Message

What’s new in Out of Office since the pilot version?
  • You can control whether Out of Office functionality is available to your users. Set it up in the new Out of Office section in Setup | Chatter Settings. This org preference is enabled by default.
Out of Office Org Pref
  • Out of Office messages expire after their end date. No need to remember to turn it off.
  • The message shows up in more places. Besides displaying in the user profile header and next to @mentions in Chatter posts, it also appears next to user names in hover states on related lists, and managers names on user profiles, for example.