Release Notes Changes

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October 18, 2017

Let Sales and Marketing Track the Influence of Multiple Campaigns on Opportunities
Clarified that Campaign Influence multi-touch attribution models require Sales Cloud and Pardot licences, and do not become available in Sales Cloud until November 14, 2017.
What’s New in the Latest Salesforce1 Downloadable Apps
Announcing the general availability on the week of 10/16/17 for version 14.0 of the Salesforce1 downloadable apps for iOS and Android. Learn all about the new enhancements for your Salesforce1 users.
Macros: Creating Efficient Support Agents and Happy Customers
Added a note about quick text and email template support for macros in Lightning Experience.
Other API Changes
Updated the API section to reflect that SOQL queries based on record type return results only for objects to which the user running the query has Read access.
Connect, Learn, and Blaze Trails Together in the New Trailblazer Community
Announced that the Salesforce Success Community has been renamed the Trailblazer Community.
Supercharge Financial Accounts with Customizable Views and Rollups
Functionality to create new Financial Account rollup rules and filter criteria, and to determine when a rollup is triggered and under what conditions, is not supported.
Turn Event Data into Engaging Customer Experiences with Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition
Added release notes for Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition.

October 11, 2017

Salesforce DX: The New Frontier for Salesforce App Development
Updated the release notes in the Salesforce DX section to reflect changes introduced in the mid-October GA of the Salesforce DX features.
Metadata API
On the CustomObject metadata type, the compactLayoutAssignment field is now available for external objects.
Personalize Your Community with CMS Connect (Beta)
Added a link to instructions and code for creating the connector JSP page necessary for setting up personalization.
Changes to $Label Expression Processing
Undocumented methods of accessing custom labels using the $Label global value provider won’t work in the latest release.
New and Changed Lightning Interfaces
Added support for the force:hasRecordId interface for Lightning components used in the Utility Bar.

October 4, 2017

Changes to G Suite Setup Required to Continue Syncing Events
Alerting Lightning Sync for Google customers that to continue syncing events in Winter ’18, they need to work with their Google admin to update their G Suite configuration.
Added Field to Network Object
Added the enableUpDownVote field to the Network object in the Metadata API.
Leads: Speed Through Lead Conversions with Added Flexibility
Clarified that the new Convert Lead dialog box requires orgs to use the newer Apex-based lead convert and not the old lead convert based on PLSQL.
Collaborative Forecasts: Do More with Sales Predictions
Added information about the new video for Collaborative Forecasts in Lightning Experience.
Manage Service Contracts in Lightning Experience (Generally Available)
Clarified that contract line items cannot be mass-edited in Lightning Experience, and described a limitation regarding record types.
Make Sure Your Reps Never Forget to Remember with Task Reminders
Clarified that users can create and edit, but not receive, task reminders in Salesforce1. Also, the New Task global action doesn’t support task reminders.
Help Reps Stay on Task with Task Notifications
Clarified that push notifications and reminders in the notification tray aren’t supported in Salesforce1.

September 27, 2017

Add New Picklist Values in Managed Package Upgrades
We removed this entry from the release notes. This feature is no longer available in the Winter ‘18 release, and we are evaluating it for a future release.
New Objects
Added two new APIs: ListEmail and ListEmailRecipientSource.
Prevent Apex Callouts During Read-Only Mode
Added release notes about Apex callout best practices in read-only mode. A Salesforce org is in read-only mode during some Salesforce maintenance activities, such as planned site switches and instance refreshes.
New and Changed Lightning Components
Added information about changes to lightning:button and lightning:buttonStateful.
Help and Training
Added Help and Training section.
Changed Objects
Noted that on the DuplicateRecordSet object, the DuplicateRuleId field label has been changed back to Duplicate Rule ID. Earlier in Winter ’18, the label was Parent.
New Launch Experience for Salesforce Optimizer
Added information about Optimizer’s redesigned launch page.
Add Person Accounts to Campaigns from Account Reports
Added information about adding person accounts to campaigns.
Productivity Features: Task Reminders, Enhanced List Views, and Forecasting in the Sales Console
Removed the topic about filtering the tasks component on the Home page in Lightning Experience.
Create Your Own Mega-Feeds with Streams
Corrected name of components to Stream List and Stream Detail.
Pardot Available in Japanese (Beta)
Added information about Pardot’s Japanese beta release.

September 20, 2017

Other Changes in Sales Cloud Einstein
Added information about label changes in Sales Cloud Einstein
Supported Browsers for Lightning Experience
Updated information about Internet Explorer 11 support for Lightning apps.
You Asked for It!
Added Ideas that we delivered.
Component Code Validation Occurs Automatically When You Save
Added a link to the corresponding developer guide section, which provides details about the validations performed.
Relax While We Convert Your Relative URLs to Absolute URLs (Beta)
Added details about where relative URLs are converted.
Use Macros in Your Lightning Console Apps
Added information about support for Macros in all Lightning console apps, including the Sales Console.
Lightning Dialer: Record Custom Voicemail Greetings
Removed the topic about showing a standard company phone number when making calls.
Assets: Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Asset Hierarchies
Explained how to add the View Asset Hierarchy action to asset page layouts.
New and Changed Lightning Components
Added information about new components, lightning:outputField and lightning:recordViewForm, and changes to lightning:datatable and lightning:verticalNavigation.
Changed Objects
For the Task object, on the TaskSubtype field, the picklist value List Email was added.
Attach External Documents to Cases and Report on Them, Too
Added consideration that Chatter must be enabled for users to attach external documents to cases.
Customize Console Apps with the Lightning Console JavaScript API (Generally Available)
The Utility Bar API, Workspace API, and Omni-Channel API have moved to the lightning namespace. Console tab events, such as lightning:tabClosed and lightning:tabFocused, have also moved to the lightning namespace.
Interact More Easily with Salesforce Authenticator Through Accessibility Updates
Added information on accessibility updates in Salesforce Authenticator 2.10.1.
Get More Time Before Backup and Restore Notifications Appear
Added information on changes to backup and restore notifications in Salesforce Authenticator 2.10.1.

September 13, 2017

View Read-Only and Formula Fields on Update a Record Quick Actions
Added information about this change.
Simplify Scheduling with Service Crews
Noted that the crew size fields on work types are hidden for all users by default.
Do More with Multiple Signatures on Service Reports
Noted that the Signature Type field appears in the service report template editor as Type.
View Read-Only Fields in the Related Record Component
Added information about updates to the Related Record component.
Create Tomorrow’s Reports Today with the Lightning Report Builder (Beta)
Added another difference between the Salesforce Classic report builder and the Lightning Experience report builder. In the Lightning Experience report builder, when grouping by a date field, you can’t customize date granularity.
Let Users Hold Video Meetings and Send Instant Messages Right from a Record with the Cisco Spark Group Conversations Component
Updated the names of the components.
Let Users Manage Shared Work Spaces in Cisco Spark for Salesforce
Updated the names of the components.
Cisco Spark for Salesforce: Connect with Customers and Reps Without Leaving Salesforce (Generally Available)
Updated the names of the components.
New Financial Services Cloud Record Types
New record types added to objects.
Change Opportunity Forecast Category
Added information about updating Forecast Category on opportunities.
Keep Your External Data up to Date with Change Data Capture (Pilot)
Clarified that data change events must be explicitly enabled for custom objects.
Beef Up Your Community Pages with JSON Content (Beta)
Added a note about SEO.
Change CustomTab Type From S-Control to Visualforce Page
Clarified that you can now use Metadata API to change a CustomTab type.

September 6, 2017

Reports and Dashboards REST API
Added information about folders resources in the Reports and Dashboards REST API.
Rapidly Clicking a Custom Action No Longer Launches Multiple Instances
Added details about this bug fix.
View Read-Only and Formula Fields on Update a Record Quick Actions
Added information about this change.
Package Your Recipes
Added information concerning the need to use a recipe in a dataset before packaging the recipe.
Integrate Sharing Inheritance with Security Predicates
Added note that you can choose only one supported object per dataset for sharing inheritance in Analytics.
Critical Updates for Stricter CSP Restrictions
The critical updates will be extended to production orgs in Spring ’18, rather than the previously scheduled Winter ’18 release.

August 30, 2017

View Related List Data Quickly with Related List Quick Links
Removed statement that the component will be automatically added to uncustomized record pages when orgs upgrade to Winter ’18.
Field Service Managed Package: Smarter Territory Creation, Multiday Work, and Designated Work
Removed statement that deep clone will be available on scheduling policies.
SAML Signing Certificate Has Been Retired
Clarified instructions concerning whom is affected and how to act.

August 21, 2017

Salesforce Winter ’18 Release Notes
Published preview release notes.