Assign Credit for Opportunities to Multiple Campaigns with Customizable Campaign Influence (Generally Available)

Flexible revenue attribution across multiple campaigns offers 1) better business intelligence, 2) more marketing accountability, and 3) improved alignment between sales and marketing.

Customizable Campaign Influence lets you set up multiple ways of tracking the influence that campaigns have on opportunities. For each method you want to use, create a separate campaign influence attribution model. To give credit to a campaign for the opportunities it helps generate, your marketing and sales users can manually associate the campaign with their opportunities. Alternatively, you or your partners can create triggers and workflows to add records automatically. On campaign detail pages, your users can see the opportunities generated by a campaign, and the total revenue generated.

Determine how to attribute revenue to campaigns
Out of the box, the Salesforce influence model attributes 100% revenue credit to the primary campaign and 0% to any other campaigns users assign to an opportunity. Only the Salesforce influence model supports auto-association. Auto-association adds campaigns to opportunities automatically when the contact on an opportunity is also a member of a campaign.

To attribute revenue more flexibly to campaigns, you or your partners can create custom influence attribution models. For example, create a model that evenly distributes credit for an opportunity across all campaigns that touched it. Or create a model that gives 100% credit to the first or last campaign that touched an opportunity. With Customizable Campaign Influence, you can create a model for virtually any scenario that suits your business.

If you’d like to prevent your sales or marketing users from adding or editing campaign influence records, you can lock any of your attribution models. Records for locked models can only be updated via the API.

See which campaigns influenced an opportunity
Campaign influence records show which campaigns have influenced a specific opportunity. To let users see which campaigns contributed to their opportunities, add the Campaign Influence related list (1) to your Opportunity page layouts. The Campaign Influence related list only displays records for the attribution model you designate as the primary model in Setup. To let your users add and edit campaign influence records from their opportunity detail pages, keep the primary model unlocked. Your other attribution models can accrue campaign influence records, but only via triggers, workflows, and the API.

The Campaign Influence related list on opportunities

Depending on your business needs, you can add custom fields to your campaign influence records. For example, if you want to track the order in which campaigns contributed to an opportunity, you could add a number field for that purpose.

See how many opportunities a campaign generates
Your users can clearly see how many opportunities a campaign has generated when you add the Influenced Opportunities related list (1) to your Campaign page layouts.

The Influenced Opportunities related list on campaigns

The Campaign Statistics section (1) of Campaign detail pages shows the revenue generated by the campaign, based on the attribution percentage on the campaign’s influence records. The Campaign Statistics section also displays the current number of opportunities generated by the campaign and the total number won.

The Campaign Statistics section of campaign detail pages