New Lightning Events

Events add a layer of interaction to your components.

New Events

The following events are new.

Tracks events triggered by Lightning components and sends the data to Google Analytics. Supported in template-based communities only. Ensure that Google Analytics is enabled in Community Builder and the community is published.
Fires when a page’s URL changes. Lightning components can listen to this system event and handle it as required—for example, for analytics or SEO purposes. Supported in template-based communities only.
lightning:navigateToComponent (Beta)
Navigates from a Lightning component to another. This release contains a beta version of force:navigateToComponent.
Opens one or more file records from the ContentDocument and ContentHubItem objects. On desktops, the event opens the SVG file preview player, which lets users preview images, documents, and other files in the browser. The file preview player supports full-screen presentation mode and provides quick access to file actions, such as upload, delete, download, and share. On mobile devices, the file is downloaded, which triggers file preview if supported by the device. Supported in Lightning Experience, Salesforce1, and communities based on the Customer Service (Napili) template only.