Track Your Workforce’s Expertise with Skills

Skills make it easy for you to track each field technician’s certifications and areas of expertise. They also help dispatchers find the best person to assign to a field service task. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with the Service Cloud

You can assign skills to all service resources in your org to indicate their certifications and areas of expertise. Optionally, specify each resource’s skill level from 0 to 99.99; for example, you can assign Maria the Welding skill, level 50.

In addition, you can add required skills to work types, work orders, and work order line items. This lets dispatchers know which skills are needed to complete a particular type of work. Define required skills in the Skill Requirements related list on a record.

If you intend to use the skills feature, determine which skills you want to track and how skill level is determined. For example, skill level can reflect years of experience, certification levels, or license classes. It’s up to you!

To get started, create skills from the Skills page in Setup under Field Service. Then assign skills to service resources and define skill requirements on work orders, work order line items, and work types. To learn more, see Set Up Skills for Field Service (can be outdated or unavailable during release preview).


The skill feature in field service is also used in Live Agent to track agents’ areas of expertise. If you’re using both Live Agent and Field Service Lightning, we recommend creating separate skills for the field service side of your business.