Get Geocoding Data in Field Service Lightning

When you add a street address to certain types of field service records, Salesforce calculates the address’s latitude, longitude, and location accuracy. You can reference this data, which is visible only in the API, in any custom field service applications. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with the Service Cloud

This location data feature, known as “geocoding,” is enabled for all supported field service objects when you enable Field Service Lightning. In the API, you’ll notice values in the following three fields on:
  • Work orders
  • Work order line items
  • Service appointments
  • Service territories
  • Service territory members
  • Resource absences
Field Name Description
Latitude Latitude of the street address
Longitude Longitude of the street address
GeocodeAccuracy Accuracy of the latitude and longitude
Salesforce periodically refreshes these three geocoding fields to ensure their accuracy. Allow some time for the geocoding fields to refresh. The amount of processing time varies based on how many records are being updated at once. For details about geocoding, see Location Tracking in Field Service Lightning (can be outdated or unavailable during release preview).


If you enabled work orders before Winter ’17, enabling Field Service Lightning auto-enables geocoding for all existing work orders in your org and populates their location fields. If you don’t enable Field Service Lightning, the geocoding feature isn’t available for work orders.