Streamlined Metadata API for Picklists

We bring you elegance and efficiency with a reimagined Metadata API for picklists, with no wasted elements to clutter your API calls. The new structure clearly differentiates between global picklist value sets, local custom picklists, and standard picklists, making it super-easy to track your fields and values. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

If you're using API v37.0, you can still use the existing elements for defining picklists and their values. If you're using API v38.0, your brain is about to get a break because defining all types of picklists makes more sense. Here's a high-level comparison:

Metadata Type in API Version 37.0 Metadata Type in API Version 38.0
Picklist StandardValueSet, ValueSet
GlobalPicklist GlobalValueSet
GlobalPicklistValue, PicklistValue CustomValue
GlobalPicklistTranslation StandardValueSetTranslation, GlobalValueSetTranslation

For type and field descriptions and sample definitions, see the Metadata API Developer Guide.