Comments Are Now Live!

Lightning Experience brings you real-time comments. No more page refreshes required to see what people are saying about a post at the exact moment they say it. Each new comment is briefly highlighted to call it to your attention. Comments refresh and stay live after you subscribe to them. Subscription is easy; just click in the comment field. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

When a live comment is posted, it briefly flashes yellow.

A fresh live comment

If you go idle for awhile or navigate away from a feed, click in the comment field (1) to resubscribe.

Live comments is a new feature with lots of potential for enhancement and a few known issues.
  • When new comments are made on a feed post that you’re engaged in, you receive notifications only in Lightning Experience. Notifications appear when you’re actively typing comments or you’ve clicked in the comments box.
  • The number of participants supported for live comments depends on your org’s subscription limits. If you’re not getting live comments, click in a comment field. If comments still aren’t live, looks like your org has hit its limit! You can still get updates the old-fashioned way by refreshing the page.