Salesforce Setup: Lightning Experience Limitations

Lightning Experience doesn’t support a few aspects of your basic Salesforce setup. And the Setup tree in Lightning Experience doesn’t include all of the setup pages that are available in Salesforce Classic.

  • Information about an org’s Salesforce edition isn’t visible in Lightning Experience.
  • Advanced currency management, or dated exchange rates, isn't supported in general. But opportunities display the correct amount if the Close Date field is on a page layout for opportunities. Because page layouts control who sees what on object records, only users who have this page layout assigned to them see the correct amount.
  • Languages that are read right to left, including Arabic and Hebrew, aren’t supported. All other Salesforce-supported locales and languages are supported.

Setup Tree

The Setup tree in Lightning Experience is limited to:

  • Pages that support Lightning Experience features
  • Administration pages that apply across your organization, such as company settings, security, user management, and mobile app setup

To access other setup pages, such as those for Service Cloud features, use the Setup tree in Salesforce Classic.

Advanced setup search isn’t available in Lightning Experience.