Navigation and Actions: Lightning Experience Limitations

Learn about the issues to expect when navigating and using actions in Lightning Experience. Some Salesforce features aren’t available in the new user interface. And some features don’t have full parity with what’s available in Salesforce Classic.


Navigation Menu Replaces the Tab Bar
The concept of tabs to represent objects doesn’t exist in Lightning Experience. The new interface updates the old Salesforce Classic tab bar with a collapsible navigation menu that’s located along the left side of the page. Use the navigation menu to access the standard Salesforce objects that are available in Lightning Experience, as well as Home, Chatter items (the main feed, people, and groups), files, dashboards, reports, and the user’s task list and calendar.
Apps and Custom Objects Available from the App Launcher Only

Apps (sometimes called tabset apps) and custom objects are available in Lightning Experience, but they aren’t included in the navigation menu for this release. Instead, use the App Launcher by clicking App Launcher icon in the header. Custom objects appear in the list of Other Items.

Even though Lightning Experience doesn’t use the Salesforce Classic tab paradigm, you still need to create custom object tabs to ensure that your custom objects are available in the new interface.

Open Links in New Browser Windows or Tabs
In general, Lightning Experience supports right-click and Windows or Mac keyboard shortcuts to open links in new browser windows or tabs. But there are some areas of the app where these options aren’t supported, including:
  • Links in the Top Deals and Recent Records cards on Home
  • Action icons, buttons, and menu items on records
  • Links to Notes
  • View Report links on dashboards
  • Links on the Lightning Experience Setup page

Actions and Buttons

These actions and buttons aren’t available in Lightning Experience.

  • Deep Clone
  • Mass Delete
  • Mass actions on object home pages and list views
  • Data import tools on object home pages
  • Sharing buttons
  • Custom buttons that define the content source as URL or OnClick JavaScript
  • Custom links with parameters for filling in form fields