Apps and Packaging: Lightning Experience Limitations

Apps on the AppExchange that are certified as Lightning Ready are supported in Lightning Experience. You can install and manage packages in Lightning Experience, but other packaging features aren’t supported. ISVforce apps aren’t supported either.


Some apps on the AppExchange are supported in Lightning Experience. If an app is supported, a Lightning Ready sash appears on its AppExchange listing. If an app isn’t supported, use it in Salesforce Classic instead.

Apps without Lightning Ready certification can be used in Lightning Experience, but some features may not be available or work as expected. These apps may also appear visually inconsistent with Lightning Experience because they use Salesforce Classic styling. For the best experience, use Salesforce Classic for apps that aren’t certified as Lightning Ready.


You can install packages in Lightning Experience. But for packages that are already installed, you can’t assign licenses to users from Lightning Experience. If you need to assign a license, switch to Salesforce Classic.

These packaging features aren’t supported in Lightning Experience.

  • Create a package
  • Upload a package
  • Upgrade a package
  • Deprecate a package version
  • Create branch or patch organizations

ISVforce Apps

Unsupported Features for ISVforce
These ISVforce features aren’t supported in Lightning Experience.
  • Channel Order App
  • Environment Hub
  • Trialforce
  • Usage Metrics Visualization App