Route Calls with Flows, View Real-Time Queue Metrics, and Auto-Open Relevant Records on Calls (Pilot)

With the help of Flow Builder’s power and flexibility, define your routing rules to dynamically route work to the right agent in the same place that you configure routing rules for your other channels. Give supervisors real-time queue metrics for voice calls in Omni-Channel Supervisor. And help agents provide more personalized service by automatically opening up to four relevant records in subtabs when an agent accepts a call.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in the Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

All models of Service Cloud Voice are available as an add-on license in Service and Sales Clouds. Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect and Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony from Amazon Connect are available as an add-on license in Government Cloud.



Omni-Channel Flow for Voice is not generally available and is being piloted with certain Customers subject to additional terms and conditions. It is not part of your purchased Services. This feature is subject to change, may be discontinued with no notice at any time in SFDC’s sole discretion, and SFDC may never make this feature generally available. Make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features. Omni-Channel Flow for Voice is made available on an AS IS basis and use of this feature is at your sole risk.

Why: The Omni-Channel Flow for Voice pilot includes the following features:
  • Dynamic flow-based routing: Direct callers to the appropriate queue or preferred agent, creating an efficient and productive customer service experience.
  • Real-time queue metrics in Omni-Channel Supervisor: Monitor your voice queues to better support agents and recognize potential service gaps.
  • Custom screen pops on voice calls: To set up screen pops, build an invocable action on the Omni Flow. When an agent accepts a call, the flow’s screen pop configuration determines which records automatically open as subtabs. For example, open a related contact, lead, opportunity, or any custom object.

How: Contact your Salesforce representative to join the Omni-Channel Flow for Voice pilot.