Get More Clarity and Control on Email Marketing Settings

Upgrade your mailability model for simplified email marketing settings and more clarity about a prospect’s mailable status. After you upgrade, prospect records include a mailability section showing the factors that determine whether the prospect can receive marketing emails. View their overall mailable status, Do Not Email and Opted Out settings, and bounce information. And edit these settings in Automation Rules, Engagement Studio, and prospect import.

Where: This change applies to all Pardot editions with Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions.



Upgrading is permanent and can affect your current email marketing settings. Click and read the considerations to access the upgrade.

How: Admins can enable the mailability changes from the banner that appears in the Pardot Dashboard.

Upgrade banner with the Get Started button highlighted.

After you upgrade, you can view and edit mailability settings on the prospect record.

Mailability Fields on the prospect record.