Track Users’ Progress with Learning Paths Reports (Beta)

Determine the effectiveness of your training program by creating custom reports and dashboards to monitor user engagement with Learning Paths. You can track which users are engaging with which Trailhead and myTrailhead modules, how long they’re taking to complete assigned modules, and more. Reporting for Learning Paths focuses on Trailhead and myTrailhead modules. You can’t report on user engagement with custom learning items.


As a beta service, Monitoring Learning Paths is subject to the Beta Services terms at: Use this feature at your sole discretion, and make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features. Salesforce doesn’t guarantee general availability of this feature within any particular time frame or at all, and we can discontinue it at any time. This feature is for evaluation purposes only, not for production use. It’s offered as is and isn’t supported, and Salesforce has no liability for any harm or damage arising out of or in connection with it. All restrictions, Salesforce reservation of rights, obligations concerning the Services, and terms for related Non-Salesforce Applications and Content apply equally to your use of this feature.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Developer, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. myTrailhead is available to customers with Enterprise, Performance, or Unlimited editions for an extra cost.

Who: Admins with the Manage Learning Reporting, Create and Customize Reports, and Manage Custom Report Types permissions can create and update reports using the Learning Paths objects. Admins with Modify All Data or Customize Application can assign learning items to users via Learning Home. To grant trainers, sales enablement leaders, or others the ability to manage learning assignments, use the Manage Learning user permission.

Why: Get a sense of how well your training program is helping users by tracking who has completed their learning assignments and who still has modules in progress.

Find out which Trailhead and myTrailhead modules are the most popular with your users by tracking how many people complete each one.

Determine the best pace for user training at your company by monitoring how many modules you assign in a given month and how many of them are in progress, overdue, or completed.

Discover which teams or regions are the most engaged with Learning Paths, Trailhead, and myTrailhead by filtering your reports according to user fields such as manager or locale.

How: Create custom report types using any of these Learning Paths objects.
  • Learning Content—Report on existing Trailhead or myTrailhead modules and how many points each one is worth
  • Learning Content Progress—Report on the number of users who started, recently attempted, and completed particular Trailhead and myTrailhead modules
  • Learning—Report on which Trailhead and myTrailhead modules you assigned, and how many users you assigned them to
  • Learning Assignment Progress—Report on which users you assigned a Trailhead or myTrailhead module to, and which users started or completed each one