Install More Custom Fields Through AppExchange

Now you can install 100 more custom fields through AppExchange packages regardless of your organization limits.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Contact Manager, Developer, Professional, Enterprise, Essentials, Group, Personal, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Why: Each Salesforce edition has a limit on the number of custom fields per object that you can create and install. The new increase on custom fields per object allows you to install 100 more fields through AppExchange. For example, for the Unlimited Edition, you can create 800 custom fields on an object and install 100 fields through AppExchange packages. For Enterprise Edition, you can create 500 custom fields on an object and install 400 fields through AppExchange packages. The total custom field limit can’t exceed 900, so if you’re approaching the limit, we recommend that you hard delete or erase custom fields that you no longer need.

The new 900 field hard limit applies only to these objects.
  • Account
  • AccountContactRelation
  • Asset
  • Campaign
  • CampaignMember
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Custom Object
  • Individual
  • KnowledgeArticleVersion
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • OpportunityLineItem
  • Order
  • OrderItems (Order Product)
  • Product2 (Products)
  • Solution
  • Users
  • UserRole (Role)