Schedule Recipe and Dataflow Runs after Other Runs Complete

Manage recipe and dataflow runs based on your business and data needs with improved event-based scheduling that waits until other runs complete. Set your scheduled runs to kick off after the needed data refreshes, or only after a required previous run completes. Previously, you set event-based schedules to run only after the related local connection synced.

Where: This change applies to Tableau CRM in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Tableau CRM is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

When: This feature is being added on a rolling basis during the Summer ’21 release.

Why: Enhanced event-based scheduling helps you control the priority and order of recipe and dataflow runs. For example, you have recipes that prepare data from external shipping vendor data sources and a Shipping Overview recipe that draws from those vendor datasets and Salesforce. With enhanced event-based scheduling, set your Shipping Overview recipe to run after its local data sync and the recipes for each shipping vendor complete.

How: When you schedule a recipe or dataflow, select to run after another recipe or dataflow.

Schedule screen for a dataflow or recipe, with the option to use event-based with waiting for dataflows or recipes.

Choose up to five recipes and dataflows that complete before this run can begin.