Qualify Your Best Accounts with AI

Accounts generate a lot of data, and it can be tough to parse which trends are the most impactful. Now, Einstein’s account identification models can tell you which accounts have the highest likelihood of becoming your best customers.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Enterprise, Professional, and Unlimited editions with Pardot Advanced or Premium. It’s available in Lightning Experience only.

How: Turn on Einstein Key Accounts Identification (beta) in Salesforce Setup, and then verify that the Einstein Scoring component appears on account records. It takes a few days for Einstein to build your custom model based on your Salesforce account data and supplemental data from the public web.

When the model identifies correlations among your accounts and their predicted outcomes, they’re assigned a tier ranking (1). Einstein also tells you how likely it is for an account to have an opportunity created in the next six months (2). Key factors, such as the impact of industry or recent engagement (3), appear and evolve in the Einstein Scoring card as additional data becomes available.Einstein Key Accounts card shows Tier B highlighted as 1. Item 2 reads 1.4x More Likely to Convert. Item 3 is two factor items including Industry and account type.