Boost Email Engagement with Einstein Send Time Optimization

Send list emails to individual prospects at their preferred times. Einstein eliminates guesswork and elaborate segmentation with Einstein Send Time Optimization. Use Einstein’s machine learning skills to select the ideal send time for each email and prospect. Einstein Send Time Optimization is available for use with Pardot’s new email send experience only.

Where: This change is available in Pardot Advanced and Premium editions with Salesforce Enterprise, Performance, or Unlimited edition. It’s available in Lightning Experience only.

How: After you enable Einstein Send Time Optimization in Marketing Setup, a training period begins. After about 72 hours, your marketing users can select the Einstein Optimized sending option when they’re ready to send an email.Send Time selector shows Einstein Optimized option highlighted.Enter the start date, start time (1), and a time frame for sending (2), and let Einstein do its work. The sending time frame can be anywhere from 3 hours to 7 days, so you can experiment with different durations.

It takes an hour for Einstein to evaluate engagement data for each prospect, so allow at least an extra hour when you enter the time frame value. If you’re sending a time-sensitive message, you can be certain that emails are sent by a certain time. Check the information box (3) at the end of the form to verify the last possible time to send an email.

Send Time form shows Start Date, Time, Send Emails Within, and infobox highlighted.