Boost Agent Productivity with Real-Time Call Transcription

Let agents view a live transcript of a call as it is progressing, so they can focus on resolving the issue instead of taking notes. When a call is transferred to another agent, the receiving agent can quickly review the transcript to get up to speed, so the customer doesn’t get frustrated by repeating the same information.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in the Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions in orgs where Service Cloud Voice is enabled. Service Cloud Voice is available for an additional cost as an add-on license.

When: You can turn on Service Cloud Voice in new and existing orgs after July 21, 2020.

Who: The Amazon Web Services administrator can customize the Amazon Connect instance. Salesforce users with the “Customize Application” permission can modify the page layouts. Users with the Contact Center Agent permission set can view call transcripts.

Why: The conversation body component shows the call transcript. The transcript gives agents and supervisors clear visibility into the customer interaction, which can be useful for building customer relationships and for training purposes.

How: Use your Amazon Web Service root email address to log in to your Amazon Connect instance and configure call transcription. In the Lightning App Builder in Salesforce, add the Conversation Body component to the Voice page.