Voice: Intelligent Telephony Inside the Service Console

Service Cloud Voice is a brand new product that natively integrates intelligent telephony into Salesforce for a seamless agent experience. Agents can talk with your customers using an intuitive softphone that combines the power of Amazon Connect, including real-time call transcription. Bring voice calls and your digital channels together so your support agents can help customers at the right time using the channel that customers prefer.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in the Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. Service Cloud Voice is available for an additional cost as an add-on license.

When: You can turn on Service Cloud Voice in new and existing orgs after July 21, 2020.

Who: Users with the “Customize Application” permission can enable Service Cloud Voice. Users with the Contact Center Admin permission set can create and manage the contact center. Users with the Contact Center Agent permission set can access the contact center and make and receive calls.

Why: Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone on the phone. Despite the variety of channels, customers prefer to talk directly to a knowledgeable service agent who can quickly solve their problem. Voice makes it easier for agents to answer and make calls, track customer information, and resolve customer issues—all within the Service Console.

Service Cloud Voice lets you quickly spin up a contact center so your agents can get to work helping customers. When you create your contact center, Salesforce builds an Amazon Connect instance for you from scratch. Take advantage of Amazon Connect telephony features such as call transcription and interactive voice response (IVR) naively integrated into Salesforce.

How: Make sure your Salesforce org satisfies the prerequisites for Voice.

Then turn on Voice. From Setup, enter Voice Setup in the Quick Find box, then select Voice Setup. Turn on Service Cloud Voice and specify an email address to use for your Amazon Web Services root user account. To complete the process to turn on Voice, follow the instructions to confirm your company’s tax registration number.

Next, create your contact center in Voice. Add users to the contact center, then follow the instructions to configure your Salesforce org, Omni-Channel, and your Amazon Connect to work with Voice.