Lightning Design System Component Updates

Get more out of SLDS components and utilities with these enhancements and bug fixes.

When: We improve SLDS frequently. For the latest changes, see What’s New in the Lightning Design System documentation. That page lists the changes by the date we completed the change. Those changes are rolled up into the next major Salesforce release. The following changes are in Summer ’20.

How: Improve your UI with these recent updates to SLDS components.


The disabled inverse button text color has 50% opacity.


Date-related input aligns better for Chrome on Android.


Fixed a bug related to text color in form inputs for the Walkthrough variation.

Progress Ring

Resolved an IE11 issue with positioning of the .slds-progress-ring__progress element by setting more explicit position settings.

The blueprint recommendation uses a <circle> element instead of a <path> element when the completion of the progress circle is 100%. This change resolves an IE11 rendering issue with completed rings.

Visual Picker

Added a Small variant to the visual picker.

Line Clamp

Added an X-Small modifier that truncates text after two lines.