Secure Your Cross-Cloud Integrations with Private Connect (Generally Available)

When you integrate your Salesforce org with applications hosted on third-party cloud services, it’s essential to be able to send and receive HTTP/s traffic securely. With Private Connect, you can increase security on your Amazon Web Services (AWS) integrations by setting up a fully managed network connection between your Salesforce org and your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Route your cross-cloud traffic through the connection instead of over the public internet to reduce exposure to outsider security threats.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance editions.

Why: Cloud adoption is on the rise as more Salesforce customers run business-critical enterprise applications in cloud services. But sending cross-cloud traffic over the public internet can pose a major security threat because the internet presents a large attack surface. Private Connect keeps your communications secure by routing your traffic over a private, fully managed link instead of over the public internet. Private Connect is also bi-directional: you can initiate both inbound and outbound traffic. With inbound connections, you can send traffic into Salesforce using the standard APIs. And with outbound connections, you can send traffic out of Salesforce via features like Apex callouts, External Services, and External objects.

How: Private Connect setup takes place in Salesforce and in AWS. Navigate to the new Private Connect Setup page in Salesforce to begin the process. If you have access to AWS, you switch between the setup page and the VPC Dashboard in AWS to configure each connection. If you don’t have access to AWS, communicate with your AWS representative. My Domain is a prerequisite for inbound connections, and Named Credentials are a prerequisite for outbound connections.