Powerful New Ways to Secure your Data using Data Mask

Enhanced features give you powerful new ways to secure all your sensitive data. Admins can use Data Mask to automatically mask the data in a sandbox.
This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Users with the System Administrator profile can install or update Data Mask.


These enhancements are available in Data Mask:

  • Data Mask doesn’t post notifications of changes made to records on Chatter feeds during the masking process, even if feed tracking is enabled for an object.
  • A new configuration called Unique on text and text area field types appends more characters from the record ID to library words or random characters to make them unique. This configuration is useful for objects that have duplicate rules defined.
  • A new configuration option called Run in Serial Mode prevents errors caused by the presence of master detail and lookup relationships.
  • Chatter and Enhanced Email aren’t prerequisites for installing Data Mask.
  • You don’t have to keep the browser window open after clicking Run Now on a data mask configuration.
  • Data masking makes all email addresses unique. Emails are the most used field in duplicate rules. This change ensures that no records are skipped during masking because of duplicate email addresses.
  • New libraries for Canadian postal codes and SSN with and without dashes are available when you set up masking rules.
  • You can replace sensitive data with data generated using a pattern of your choice.
  • A new search option quickly finds objects and fields to mask.
  • You can stop an in-progress data masking job and re-enable deactivated automations.
  • You can clone existing masking configurations to quickly create ones.
Data Mask is a managed package that you install and execute in a production org. You then run the masking process in any sandbox created from the production org.