Manage Pardot Users with Salesforce

We added enhancements to Salesforce User Sync that make it easier than ever to manage your users. Now you can assign users to Pardot and manage them directly from Salesforce Setup.

Where: This change applies to all Pardot Editions.

How: How you take advantage of these changes depends on when your account or business unit was created, and whether Salesforce User Sync is already enabled.

In accounts that enabled Salesforce User Sync before the Summer ’20 release: First assign users from Salesforce Setup, and then transfer user management control to Salesforce from Salesforce User Sync settings in Pardot.

In accounts that were created before the Summer ’20 release that don’t have Salesforce User Sync enabled: First assign users from Salesforce Setup, then enable Salesforce User Sync in Pardot.

In accounts and business units created after the Summer ’20 release: Assign users from Salesforce Setup.