Explore New Apps Tailored for B2B Marketers

B2B Marketing Analytics Plus is generally available. The growing feature set now includes an Account-Based Marketing app and the new Marketing Campaign Intelligence app, which brings two easy-to-read dashboards together in one place. The Campaign Engagement dashboard shows prospect engagement data from Pardot, and the Campaign Performance dashboard shows relevant campaign data from Salesforce. Sales and marketing users can explore these dashboards or create an Einstein Discovery Story to predict methods that can optimize their plans for maximum engagement.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This feature is available in Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Pardot Premium or the B2B Marketing Analytics Plus add-on.

Why: Customers asked for simpler ways to find out which audience segments most often engage with their marketing campaigns. Users want preset reports and dashboards that give them a better view of specific relationships that are hidden inside their dataflows. They also want help to identify the best next step for future campaigns. The Marketing Campaign Intelligence app and Einstein Discovery Story do all these things, making it easier to achieve the results your business wants.

The new app offers side-by-side dashboards (1) for an aggregate view and handy details (2) you expect from our B2B Marketing Analytics products.The MCI dashboard shows Campaign Performance and Campaign Engagement cards above other helpful graphs and charts.

How: If you already use Analytics Studio apps, such as B2B Marketing Analytics or Account-Based Marketing, you can create an app and choose the Marketing Campaign Intelligence app template.The Marketing Campaign Intelligence app tile as it appears in the Create flow.

If it’s your first analytics app, enable Analytics and Data Sync first. Verify and assign permissions, and head over to Analytics Studio to create your first app.