Get AI-Enhanced Attribution Data on Your Campaign Records

Use a customized model created by Einstein learning to more accurately identify the most effective campaigns in your customer journeys. Einstein Attribution leaves rules-based influence models in the rearview mirror. It uses artificial intelligence to develop a data-driven model that attributes revenue share based on your actual customers, their engagement, and your successes.

Where: This change applies to Pardot Advanced and Pardot Premium editions with Salesforce Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: To view Einstein Attribution insights, users need the CRM User, Sales User, or Service User permission set.

Why: Other attribution models leave the heavy lifting to users. A user must create a rule based on estimated weights, or enter individual attribution percentages for each campaign. Typically, it comes down to guesswork and manual entry.

With Einstein Attribution, artificial intelligence builds a model that’s specific to your customer base, and it changes as new information is analyzed. It’s able to assign influence to a number of campaigns throughout the customer’s journey without any manual record creation.

How: Use the Einstein Attribution Setup Assistant to get started. To reveal insights on campaign and opportunity pages, make sure that Campaign Influence related lists are in place. Then, set the Data-Driven Model as your default Campaign Influence model and share the news with your sales and marketing teams.

For further exploration, open the Data-Driven Model in the B2B Marketing Analytics Multi-Touch Attribution dashboard.Multi-touch attribution dashboard shows top channels and campaign types.