Access and Customize Pardot Dataflows

Now you can see exactly which fields flow into your datasets when you use B2B Marketing Analytics Plus products with Pardot data. Further customize your dashboards when you use the easy interface to create datasets. Select the fields you want, and deselect the ones you don’t.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This feature is available in Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Pardot Premium edition or the B2B Marketing Analytics Plus add-on.

Why: This change improves performance with Pardot datasets in Analytics templated apps. Now that the data is visible in the Data Manager, you can also use the Connect interface to create custom datasets. For example, tie together Pardot data, Salesforce data, and other third-party data that’s syncing into Analytics in a single dataset. Or, if you use multiple business units, create custom datasets that are specific to each.

How: The datasets are available in the SFDC Local Connector automatically. To create a custom dataset, head over to Analytics Studio and open the Data Manager. On the Connect tab, create a new data connection with SFDC Local. From there, select the B2BMktActivity or B2BMktProspect dataset, and select the fields you want to include in your new dataset.Data manager modal shows the field selection screen for B2B Mkt Activity object.