Get a Cleaner View of Sales Cadence Tasks in the Activity Timeline

Now orgs that enable High Velocity Sales in Summer ’20 or later show each sales cadence task only once in the Activity Timeline. In Salesforce orgs that turned on High Velocity Sales before Summer ’20, the Activity Timeline on prospect records shows each sales cadence task twice. One showed the scheduled task, and the other showed the completed task. To see this cleaner timeline if you turned on High Velocity Sales before Summer ’20, contact Salesforce.

Where: This change applies to High Velocity Sales in Lightning Experience. High Velocity Sales is available as an add-on in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Why: This cleaner look makes it easier for sales reps to see what’s coming up and what’s completed.

Duplicate sales cadence tasks in the Activity Timeline.

The scheduled task (1) no longer appears once the completed task (2) appears.