See Sales Cadence and Rep Performance at a Glance (Generally Available)

Sales managers can use Einstein Analytics performance dashboards to quickly see customer engagement and how sales reps are doing. For example, managers can view how many sales cadences are in progress, with detailed call and email response statistics. And they can see how effectively sales reps work through their sales cadences.

Where: This change applies to High Velocity Sales in Lightning Experience. High Velocity Sales is available as an add-on in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: To view High Velocity Sales performance dashboards, you need the High Velocity Sales User or High Velocity Sales Cadence Creator permission.

Why: With the Engagement Performance dashboard, managers see prospect engagement statistics for emails and phone calls, sorted by sales cadence, date range, sales rep, or a combination.

The Engagement Performance dashboard

With the Sales Cadence Performance dashboard, managers see sales cadence effectiveness. Details include statistics on targets in progress, lead conversion, and sales cadence completions.

The Sales Cadence Performance dashboard

Managers can also see how long prospects take to move through sales cadences and whether reps are completing outreach steps on time.

The Sales Cadence Performance dashboard

The Lead Performance dashboard shows your sales managers how well their team is converting leads. They can see how fast sales reps act on new leads and the number of leads in each stage of the sales funnel. The dashboard also shows the average number of days to convert, the number of touches per lead, and the number of conversions. With this data, sales managers can see which reps need more coaching and which sales cadences need tuning.

Sales managers can filter lead statistics by sales rep, sales cadence, and date range.

The High Velocity Sales Lead Performance dashboard

Additional data in the High Velocity Lead Performance dashboard

How: To enable the dashboards, map your Call Outcome values and turn on the High Velocity Sales Performance Analytics Application in High Velocity Sales Setup. To view the dashboards, sales managers choose High Velocity Sales Performance from the navigation menu in the High Velocity Sales app.