See Real-Time Details of Prospects’ Email Engagement

Know immediately when sales cadence targets open an email, reply, click an email link, and more. My Feed Alerts show engagements directly in the Work Queue. Engagement data appears on target records and email messages.

Where: This change applies to High Velocity Sales in Lightning Experience. High Velocity Sales is available as an add-on in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

When: This feature is scheduled to be generally available 30 days after the Summer ’20 release.

Why: In the new My Feed tab of the Work Queue, sales reps receive alerts when prospects engage with tracked emails, so they can follow up immediately. They can also see an alert when a record is assigned to them. The types of alerts reps see depends on whether your Salesforce org uses High Velocity Sales (HVS), Inbox, Einstein Activity Capture (EAC), or a combination.

Alert Types HVS + Inbox + EAC HVS + Inbox Inbox only
Opens Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Replies Checkmark
Link clicks Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Bounces Checkmark
Record assignments Checkmark Checkmark

The new My Feed tab in the Work Queue.

The My Feed tab shows the last 30 days of engagements. Sales reps can sort and filter the list as needed. To view an email and its engagement details, sales reps can click the email subject.

The Engagements list for an email.

If your Salesforce org uses Einstein Activity Capture, hovering over the Last Opened Date of an email displays the Engagement related list. If your Salesforce org doesn’t use Einstein Activity Capture, click the email subject and then the Engagement tab to display the list. The Engagement list shows all engagements for the last 90 days. Sales reps can see dates and times that recipients opened emails or clicked links, and how many times they interacted, in a chronological list. Sales reps can use the engagement details to identify their most interested prospects for prompt follow-up.

The View full email link in the Activity Timeline.

On lead, contact, and person account records, when the Activity Timeline shows email activity, sales reps can access the engagement details for each email. To view the engagements, click View full email and then hover over the Last Opened Date or click the email subject.

The Sales Cadence Steps related list.

On sales cadence records, the Sales Cadence Steps related list shows sales managers and reps how many times emails were opened for each email step.