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Transition CPQ to Permission Set Licenses (Update)

Salesforce CPQ is replacing Managed Package Licenses with Permission Set Licenses. Customers must assign the new license to all users before installing or upgrading to the Winter ‘21 version.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in all Salesforce CPQ editions.

When: This update is automatically enforced in Winter ‘21. Customers must assign the new CPQ Permission Set License to all users who have a CPQ permission set before installing or upgrading to the Winter ’21 version of CPQ.

Why: Salesforce can automatically provision license quantity changes immediately when an order is processed. This change makes the process as fast and precise as possible.

How: In Spring ‘20 we added a tool in the CPQ package settings to help you check whether your org is ready for the license change. If there are users in the org with a CPQ permission set but no license, those users will not be able to access CPQ in Winter ’21. Also, it’s possible that the Winter ’21 upgrade will fail and the org will remain on the Summer ’20 version. Use the provided tool and take any necessary actions before the Winter ‘21 release.