Transition CPQ to Permission Set Licenses (Update)

Salesforce CPQ is replacing Managed Package Licenses with Permission Set Licenses. You must assign the new license to all users before installing or upgrading to the Winter ’21 version.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in all Salesforce CPQ editions.

When: This update is automatically enforced in Winter ’21. Before upgrading installing or upgrading to Salesforce CPQ Winter ’21, you must assign the new CPQ Permission Set License to the following users.
  • Users who have a managed package license
  • Users who have access to CPQ objects or fields through profiles or permission sets

Why: Salesforce can automatically provision license quantity changes immediately when an order is processed. This change makes the process as fast and precise as possible.

How: In Salesforce CPQ Spring ’20, we added a readiness tool in CPQ package settings. The tool shows whether your org can safely transition to permission set licenses or whether you must resolve license errors first. In Salesforce CPQ Summer ’20, we introduced a warning message that appears in the quote line editor if the errors returned after running the readiness tool aren’t resolved. We also added an Assign Licenses button that you can use to quickly assign permission set licenses to all your package users.

Sales reps can still access the quote line editor in Salesforce CPQ Summer ’20 after closing the warning. However, we recommend using the readiness tool, correcting any license errors, and upgrading before Salesforce CPQ Winter ’21. Users without a CPQ permission set license or CPQ profile can’t access Salesforce CPQ in Winter ’21, even if they have access to CPQ objects or fields through profiles or permission sets.