Automatic Usage Summaries for Evergreen Usage-Based Subscriptions

Improve the usage pricing experience for sales reps working with evergreen subscriptions. Sales reps can now upload usage to an active evergreen subscription order product at any time. If the usage processing date doesn’t fall within one of the order product’s active, uninvoiced usage summaries, Salesforce Billing creates a usage summary and assigns it the new usage.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Salesforce Billing.

Why: Previously, when a sales rep ordered an evergreen subscription product related to a consumption schedule, Salesforce CPQ created an order product with 12 usage summaries. The first usage summary started on the order product’s start date, and each summary was the length of the consumption schedule’s billing term. When the sales rep was ready to upload usage outside the original 12 summaries, you manually created further usage summaries.

How: The new usage summary follows the same billing periods as the order product’s previous usage summaries. For example, let’s say our previous 12 usage summaries had a one-month term, began on the first of the month, and ran from 01/01/20 through 12/31/20. If the sales rep uploads usage with a usage date of 03/20/21, Salesforce Billing creates a usage summary for 03/01/21 through 03/31/21.